History starts with princely dynasty of Liechtenstein

Former builders and owners of agricultural farmstead „Nivnický dvůr“ was the dynasty of Liechtenstein in 19th century. It was only a part of their large estate in Southern Moravia, which they obtained in the middle of 13th century from king Premysl Otakar II. After the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and after agrarian reform was performed in 1920 the ownership passed to village possession and in first republic years the village rented the farmstead and neighbouring lands to May´s family. Jewish origin was the cause of their tragical fate during World War II.

1946 - 1963

„Mansion farmyard“ was as a municipal property sold by the village to Jaroslav Hromčík in 1946 and he started in the same year the production of spirits, liquors and herb liquor called „Hromčík´s secret“. Therefore, he continued in one-hunded-year old tradition of spirit production in Nivnice. In 1948 the company was nationalized and as a plant of enterprise Uherský Brod it was incorporated in canning factory Slovácké and distillary Uh. Hradiště. Range of products was supplemented with syrups and fruit wines. During next 20 years this national company came through many organizational changes. There belonged for example gaining independence of the plant in Nivnice and establishment of plant 1 – Nivnice in 1963.

1979 - 1989

Among the significant milestones belong construction of building for syrups production between 1979 and 1981 and in years 1976 and 1981 the purchase of a press and concentration station. There starts the fruit processing (mostly apples) and production of fruit wines.

1989 - 1993

Noticable organizational and ownership changes occurred after November 1989. At first, after disintegration of parent company canning factory Slovácké Uherské Hradiště, was established independent state company Linea on January 1st, 1991. symbolically declaring company LI-hoviny (spirits) and NEA-lko (non-alcoholic) production. The privatization process was finished by transformation into joint-stock company on January 1st. 1994. The company management and Hromčiks family became significant share-owners in the privatization process.

2006 - 2009

In 2006 were all shares gradually bought out from minority shareholders and since 2007 the company has been fully owned by 6 shareholders. Another crucial decision in 1995 was construction of premise for fruit juice, nectar and drink production in Tetra Pak packaging materials. It represents more than 60 % of total sales the company has been making now. One of the most considerable steps was the indroduction of trademark HELLO for fruit juice, nectar and many other products. For building up this trademark the company has already invested many tens of million korunas. In 2009 we broadcast for the first time the TV advertising in Slovakia and we also start building up the trademark in our most pivotal export territory.

The company is still inovating its products and searching new market opportunities. Very crucial is production of private trademarks for store chains. Steady czech business team is extended over the same numerous slovakian team, whose turnover significance in our company is constantly increasing.

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