Hello syrup herbal aloe vera

Thick syrup with an extract from healing plant Aloe. Aloe comes from Africa, but, approximately 400 kinds of this tribe grow in tropics and subtropics of Central and South Africa, Madagaskar and Arabic peninsula. Juice from Aloe leaves has healing effects, but the taste is very unpleasant. On the contrary, herbal syrup HELLO Aloe vera is delicious and tastes great, even though, it contains extract from Aloe. Aloe vera leaves contain oils, which are very demanded in beauty industry. As an ingredient it is used into shompoos, creams, hand and all-body skin soaps, sunbathing milk and so on. A small piece of leaf can be applied on skin for a relief from pain caused by burns, cuts or bruises. It also helps against wrinkles, eczema, sore and rough skin, after insect-bitten. The name Aloe comes from arabic "alloeh", which means shiny or sour.


Content: 0,7000000000000000 l
Foil: 10 pcs
Pallet: 700 pcs
Min. best before:  14 months
EAN code: 8590014812413

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