Helllo syrup herbal elder-flower

Thick syrup made of elder-flower and lemon. It´s refreshing with softly sparkling water and we recommend to adulterate 1:8. In the past the elder-flower was used to cure almost everything, its burgeons were used for reducing toothache. Immature leaves mixed with barley flour healed burns and were put onto wounds caused by vicious dog´s bites. Powder from grinded dry leaves was used to stop nose bleeding. Nowadays are mostly used blossoms and fruits. Decoction from blossoms boosts sweating and it is also diuretic, which means that it lessen a temperature and reduces cough.


Content: 0,7000000000000000 l
Foil: 10 pcs
Pallet: 700 pcs
Min. best before:  14 months
EAN code: 8590014812420

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