HELLO pouches pear

Characters Křemílek and Vochomůrka bring another flavor of fruit snacks. HELLO with pears is packed in a popular pocket of 100 g. The snack is suitable for children who have reached the age of 4 months. This pocket full of fruity snacks with pears can simply "suck" the baby without having to use a spoon. This way of consumption opens the door for new use. You can put the pocket in the school bag for a snack, pack for a trip or playground. Or take her in the car and on the way your baby will sound healthy and the interior of the car will remain clean, unlike the snack from the glass. Weight of 100 g.


Content: 0,1000000000000000 kg
Carton: 12 pcs
Pallet: 1800 pcs
Min. best before:  18 months
EAN code: 8590014839465

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