HELLO baby food mango

Even thought that the little witch is one hundred and twenty seven years old, yet, she is still a young and immature magician. Despite living in a real magician´s house hidden in a deep forest, without her friend raven Abrax, her spells would mostly go wrong. Magic fruit babyfood from mango is more than just well-done and it is the best for our little ones. High-quality mango fruits and the most modern production line are the guarantee of health for your child. Mango is the most widespread and commonly used tropical plant, the pulp from mango tree is sweet and it has a pleasant aromatic taste. Babyfood is suitable for children who passed the eighth month of age.


Content: 190,0000000000000000 g
Foil: 10 pcs
Pallet: 1680 pcs
Min. best before:  18 months
EAN code: 8590014838086

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