HELLO pouches baby food mango

At the age of twenty-seven, the little witch is still a magician cub. She lives in a real magic house hidden in solitude deep in the woods, but if it weren't for the raven Abraxas, her spells would usually turn out badly. However, the magical fruit breakfast of mangoes is more than successful. It is suitable for children who have reached 8 months of age. Packaging in 190 g glasses and 100 g pockets is now expanded with XXL 200 g pockets. The pockets bring a completely new way of use. You can throw it in a school bag for a snack, pack it for a trip or a playground. Content weight: 200 g


Content: 0,2000000000000000 kg
Carton: 10 pcs
Pallet: 1250 pcs
Min. best before:  18 months
EAN code: 8590014839526

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