HELLO baby food apricots

“Hidden in a heavy fog, so heavy that you could cut it and possibly even farther, is a small pond Brčálník…“ With these words starts a lovely bedtime story about a sprite with soft hair looking like tiny antennas. He smiles at you from apricot fruit babyfood. Rákosníček is the best for our little ones. Top-quality apricots and the most modern production line are the guarantee of health for your child. Apricot babyfood is suitable for children who passed the fourth month of age. Apricot babyfood received the quality award KLASA.


Content: 190,0000000000000000 g
Foil: 10 pcs
Pallet: 1680 pcs
Min. best before:  18 months
EAN code: 8590014838000

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