HELLO mini drink orange

Robber Rumcajs was originally a shoemaker from Jičín. He had been doing this craft honestly for nine years before he once had his mayor Humpál sewn his shoes. Rumcajs accidentally insulted the mayor's massive leg, which was his pride, and was expelled from the city for that. He settled in a cave in the Ráholci forest, where he began to work as a bandit. Well-known and popular line of drinks with straw contains 12.5% real fruit juice. Introducing a new line of characters from the well-known series about the bearded bandit. It does not contain chemical preservation or artificial coloring.


Content: 0,2500000000000000 l
Carton: 18 pcs
Pallet: 2754 pcs
Min. best before:  12 months
EAN code: 8590014818750

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