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HELLO pouches ketchup hot

HELLO hot ketchup is made according to the original secret recipe from a high-quality tomato paste which contains 165 g of tomatoes on 100 g of pudding. Thanks to the addition of spice extract, it is hot. It is further sterilized, free of chemical preservatives and artificial colors. Ketchup is known to containe lycopene, one of the most effective antioxidants. This is released by the heat from tomatoes in the production of tomato paste. Its major benefits are cholesterol lowering, reduction of cardiovascular disease and increasing the immune system. Balen is in practical, unbreakable, reclosable pockets of 200 g, which bring a whole new way of use. In the kitchen, the pocket can always be handy, you can use it for a small homemade grill or throw it in your trip bag.

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HELLO pouches ketchup hot
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