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We are involved in the project responsible company

Linea NIVNICE , OJSC decreased production of 4,816 tons of CO2 emissions in the air

Protect the environment can in many ways , whether individuals or as a company . Sorting and recycling is an essential step , and currently also a necessity for us to conserve the environment around us. Linea NIVNICE , as that is involved in the environmental project of the nonprofit EKO - KOM, limited for the year 2012 emissions by 4816 tons CO2 eq . , Which roughly corresponds to 115,895 GJ of energy. The company also contributed to securing the annual operation and manning of 1,662 colored containers intended for sorting waste. The company is aware of the responsibility for packaging put on the market and is a priority to cases which served its , parse out and then recycled.

It is well known that waste separation is undoubtedly a positive impact on the environment. Sorting and recycling of waste in the EKO -KOM was able in 2012 to reduce the environmental burden of 1,114,840 tons CO2 eq . and thus save 27,034,318 GJ of energy, which is for example the production of nuclear power plant for 162 days . So much energy is consumed on average per year more than 300 thousand . households , or roughly one region. In the Czech Republic every year to recycle and find use over 70 % of all packaging placed on the market .
In the Czech Republic classifies 70 % of the population and of all packaging placed last year on the Czech market , 71 % will recycle the packaging.


New design of websites

Today we are launching a new website for product Večerníčky. Our goal is to acquaint you with our products. Match your heart as much as we pick our fruit juices. New fruit pouch!. We will again see our website.


HELLO gives FEBIOFEST drinks!

Fruit juices will refresh HELLO FEBIOFEST participants this year. More about this year, please visit FEBIOFEST


The best innovation 2011

Atoz Event Company announced the results of the eleventh year of the marketing program of the prestigious Consumers' Choice - Best Newcomer, which recognizes innovation in the Czech market FMCG. Consumers selected this year from a record 104 products / product lines in 33 categories. The basis for the award became the exclusive results of research conducted by the STEM / MARK. "Polling took place on a representative sample of 4500 respondents and the resulting index was calculated based on overall impression, personable package and experience with the product," says Thomas Riha, deputy director of STEM / MARK. The best news in the category of syrups have become products of a number of extra thick fruit syrups and syrup HELLO Black Currant, Orange, Cherry, Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Cranberry in PET packaging 0.7 L.

Extra thick fruit syrups HELLO


Fruit to the schools


Tennis cup Sumice 2009

On Tuesday, August 25th took place as every year a tennis tournament double. Lovely weather amplified the sports afternoon in Tennis courts in Šumice for eight doubles composed of our company´s employees. The final winner was double Tomanec-Slanicay, on the second place was double Zubík-Masařík and on the third place ended up double Konrád-Koktavý which was also a great deal of surprise in the tournament.

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