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Javorina fruit white

We offer new, branded alcoholic drink maple white wine, in the popular 1.5 liter PET packaging Javorina is a new type of alcoholic beverages from fruit wine-based fruit wines. It was named by the highest peak of the White Carpathian Mountains, located on the Czech-Slovak border. United Javořina (970 m), which is located near our company is also a major tourist destination. Deforestation ridge provides excellent visibility. At the peak of Big Javořina leads several hiking trails of Moravian and Slovak side. Nivnice is located in the ecologically clean foothills of the White Carpathians. The tradition of processing apples on the apple cider here is a sixty-year tradition LINEA NIVNICE, as is practically the only producer of wine in the Czech Republic. Apples to Nivnice unions from the region of South Moravia and Slovak adjacent character..

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Javorina fruit white
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